Vortex is a "Capture-the-Flag" type game, but with a twist, and a Tugball. In Vortex, there are four quadrants. Each quadrant has a "base" where each team stores and protects a Tugball. At the center of the four quadrants, there is a vortex(some kind of basket/bucket). The object of the game is to eliminate three of the four Tugballs leaving only one Tugball left. The team with the final Tugball in their base, wins.

Game Details:

Each team starts in their own quadrant. When the signal starts the game, players either defend their base, or attempt to capture a Tugball from another team's base. Any player in another team's quadrant can get their flags pulled. If this happens, they must return to their quadrant and put their flags back on. If a player gets into another team's base, they are safe(if there is a Tugball in the base as well, otherwise, they must leave). The player may either throw the ball out of the base(they must then leave the base as there is no Tugball any longer), or run the ball out of the base. Any player in possession of the ball can get their flags pulled, even if they're in their own quadrant. If their flags do get pulled, they must throw the ball. It is also possible to get the ball tugged away while running. If the ball is grabbed by another player, a duel happens, and whoever wins the duel gets possession of the ball and throws it to a teammate. You win a duel by getting the other player to either let go or "loose their footing". Losing their footing means some part of their body, besides their feet, touches the ground. In order to eliminate a Tugball, a player must throw it into the vortex from outside the circle around the vortex. The team with the last Tugball in their base, wins. You can have games where teams form an alliance with another team so that it is alliance vs. alliance.