Q & A's

Why use a Tugball?

1. Health

According to the CDC,“Children and adolescents should incorporate muscle-strengthening activities, such as rope climbing, sit-ups, and TUG-OF-WAR, three days a week.” (For the complete news release, click here.)

Strength training has many health benefits and is safe for all ages. According to Exercisebikereviewer.com, there are numerous benefits to strength training such as the development of strong bones, it helps to maintain a healthy weight, and it improves glucose control. Check out the full article here.

Some Tugball games involve the cardiovascular system for improved heart health.

2. Versatile

The Tugball can be used for many new and classic activities. Games can be played with as little as four people and with substantially more. The Tugball is fun for both kids and adults.

3. Simple

Many of the innovative games out there have many complex rules and are difficult to learn. Games played with a Tugball are simple and fun as they were initially designed as new physical education games. Check out our Games and Rules page and see for yourself.

4. Cost

Many new games on the market are expensive and include a lot of equipment. All you need is a Tugball to enjoy these new games. Most of the other equipment (ie. cones) you probably already have.

5. Fun

Maybe the most important quality of the Tugball is that it is used in fun, fast-paced games that include running, passing, catching, and of course tugging. These co-ed games are fun for all ages.

What is a Tugball?

A Tugball is a ball with eight ropes attached to a harness of straps. Funny enough, many students have commented that it looks like a ball with dreadlocks. This design brings the muscle strengthening aspect of tug-of-war into many new and traditional activities to create a whole new way to play games. Check out a list of games/activities already being played in PE classes with on the Games and Rules page.

What games can you play?

There are currently three official games that have been developed specifically for a Tugball. Those new physical education games are the game of Tugball, Vortex, and Ultimate Steal the Bacon (Games and Rules). However, a Tugball is not limited to those three games or to PE classes. In some games you can replace a traditional ball with a Tugball and get a whole new way to play.

How much does a Tugball cost?

Approximately $50 will buy you one Tugball and as many games/activities your imagination, and this website, can think of. Visit our Buy page to see what catalogs currently carry Tugball.