Tugball is a game that begins with a Tug-off, the winner gaining possession of the Tugball. The offense then tries to score points against their opponents by getting into the goal. The defense does what it can to prevent a goal and gain possession. This game is fast-paced, full of muscle-building tugs, heart-pounding running, and grins from ear to ear.

Rules for PE classes


  1. EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 12 cones per game; 1 Tugball per game; flag football belts.
  2. TEAMS: Divide class into equal teams. Each game, players match up with an opponent that is as equal in size and ability as possible.


(Tugball is played in rounds, and each round consists of a Tug-off, Play, and Extra-Point)

  1. TUG-OFF – Begins each round (*anyone wishing to be exempt from a tug-off is excused)
    1. Takes place at the center of the field in the Tugzone
    2. Four players, two from each team forming an even match-up, take turns tugging in the Tug-Off and Extra-Point Tug.
    3. When ready, a designated player(referee) holds the ball and says, “GO”. Once the ball is pulled across their Tugline the referee says, “STOP”. Whichever team gets the ball across their Tugline becomes the offense.
    4. The offense places the ball on their Tugline and both teams get behind their own Tugline. Play begins when the offense picks up the ball.
  2. PLAY – *There is no tugging during play to prevent injuries
    1. Without Using Flags *Recommended
      1. The offense advances the ball by throwing and catching, the defense may not guard the thrower to prevent being hit by the ropes. If the ball falls to the ground, the ball automatically goes to the defense regardless of who touched the ball last.
      2. Defense tries to gain possession by intercepting the ball.
    2. With Flags
      1. The offense is allowed to run, throw, or kick the Tugball in any direction.
      2. No player is allowed to run with the ball without his/her flag on.
      3. Defense tries to gain possession by intercepting the ball.
      4. Defense may pull the flags of the player in possession of the ball. The player must immediately stop and throw the ball.
  3. EXTRA POINT – Ends each round
    1. Takes place at the center of the goal.
    2. Whichever team wins gets the extra point.

***No Yanking Allowed***- Yanking is when you allow slack between you and your opponent and then pull really hard on the ropes.


– Add these on when you feel your classes are ready for them, IF you want to. They are meant for games using Flags.

  • Duels – When a player from each team gets a hold of the ball at the same time, a duel begins. Play stops, and both duelers get ready. If the duel is a mismatch, the offensive player’s match-up performs the duel instead. A designated player holds the ball and says,”GO”. They tug for three seconds and a winner is declared. Duels are always one vs. one.
  • Downs – Each possession, the offense is allotted three Downs. A Down occurs when the player in possession of the ball takes a knee and yells “Down”. Play stops and both teams return to their side of the ball. Play resumes when the offense picks up the ball.