Ready to Play?

A Tugball is a unique ball that has eight ropes attached to a harness which surrounds a ball. This design allows for a whole new way to play traditional games as well as new ones. Many people enjoy playing tug-of-war; a Tugball only extends that enjoyment into new, fun, and physical ways.

Deep Fun Blog Post

Author Bernard De Koven of "Deep Fun", a website devoted to new sports or sports that aren't well known, writes,"You won’t really understand why anything …

Heather K.

We absolutely LOVE the Tugball! I have a group of fourteen boys, ages 9-11, who come to my house every Wednesday. I was looking for …

Doug Gates

At first, I was a little skeptical about the TugBall and how the kids would like the game. That skepticism left me after playing the game with my first class. I wanted to start ...

How it all started:

The creation of the Tugball came about in the class of a PE teacher. With upper body strength lacking in many PE students, the need for a sport that increases a student's upper body strength is great. After watching students play tug-of-war, the idea for incorporating tugging into a sport with running was born. The evolution of the ball has been progressive with the goal of creating a ball that can withstand day-in and day-out rough play.

New Game

Ricochet Goal

Tired of the same old pass and shooting games? Tired of defenders getting into the faces of the ball handler? Ricochet is a relatively new sport. What makes Ricochet unique is the style of play; no one is allowed to touch the ball until after it ricochets off the ground, and goals are scored after the ball ricochets off the ground and hits the bottom of the net or goes through the opening in the net.